Supply Chain

The concept of vertical integration has been key to the Group’s success since the first central kitchen opened in Market Street, Johannesburg, in 1971. Our back-end operations support our front-end brands.

Our Supply Chain refers to our Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail operations. The primary goal of our Supply Chain is to offer our franchise partners a competitive advantage through efficient supply, price certainty, product innovation and margin management. Our Manufacturing and Logistics operations support our Brands in SA, selected SADC and the AME countries. The Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail businesses are managed and measured in line with our Group’s strategic objectives.


Our 11 Manufacturing plants are wholly owned or partly owned subsidiaries

We own:

  • Meat, serviette, sauce and spice, plant-based foods and ice cream plants in Gauteng.
  • A potato products plant in the Western Cape.

We have majority shareholding in:

  • Cater Chain (Meat products).
  • Famous Brands Coffee Company (Coffee products).
  • Famous Brands Cheese Company (Cheese).
  • TruBev (Juice).
  • Turn n Tender (Meat products).


Our internal Logistics capability ensures that restaurants and retail outlets receive ingredients and products.

Our strong procurement capabilities ensure that we secure competitive pricing for commodities.

Our Logistics footprint includes:

  • Six distribution centres, two in Gauteng, the Western Cape, Free State, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal supported by three cross dock facilities in the Eastern Cape, Polokwane and Mpumalanga.
  • A fleet of 97 trucks, supported by 34 owner-driver businesses and external logistics partners.
  • Export capabilities to selected SADC and AME markets.


Our Retail products are produced in our Manufacturing plants and distributed using our Logistics infrastructure.

We sell condiments (sauces, dressings, spices), frozen meat products, coffee (ground and beans), frozen potato chips and other value-added products to major South African retailers.

Our retail offering of 188 products is available in 2 280 retail outlets.

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