Supply Chain

Our supply chain consists of our Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail operations.

These operations support our Brands portfolio in South Africa and selected markets in the rest of Africa. The integration of Manufacturing and Logistics enables our brands to create value for our stakeholders.


The Manufacturing division is a key component to the success of our operations.

The franchise network and selected food services and retail customers consume our range of manufactured licensed products. The operation comprises wholly owned and joint venture businesses. We have 10 manufacturing facilities to service our passionate partners.

We have:

  • a juice plant in KwaZulu-Natal;
  • a meat plant and potato products plant in the Western Cape;
  • meat, serviette, sauce and spice, coffee and ice cream plants in Gauteng; and
  • a cheese plant in the Eastern Cape.

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Our Logistics division is designed to deliver optimal service.

The Logistics operation is our route-to-market, delivering a basket of products to our franchise network. These products cater for brand-specific menus.

Ten distribution centres support the Logistics operation in South Africa. They assist in aligning our Brands and Logistics businesses.


The Retail business operations as a stand-alone business unit.

This division sells condiments (sauces, dressings and spices), frozen meat products, coffee (ground and beans), frozen chips and additional value-added products.