An article was published on the website in which it is alleged that within the fast food industry there has been widespread infection of POS devices by a malicious software which has compromised the security of customer cards. On behalf of Famous Brands I would like to note for the record that:
  1. The Group has been made aware of the problem by SA’s banking risk intelligence centre (Sabric) and the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) and is working closely with them to assist them with their investigation;
  2. Famous Brands’ exposure to this malware fraud has been practically non-existent, in that only two restaurants across the Group’s entire 2 180 restaurant network have been affected;
  3. Famous Brands will continue to co-operate with the relevant authorities to ensure the ongoing security of its operations.
Hele conclude, “Our franchisees can operate in good faith knowing their systems are secure and our customers can continue to make their purchases in our restaurants with confidence.” Issued by Investor Communications on behalf of Famous Brands     For further information:
Del-Maree English Investor Communications Mobile: 083 395 8608