Marketer of the Year, 2014

Kevin Hedderwick, Famous Brands’ Group Chief Executive, has been awarded the prestigious Marketer of the Year Award in the annual Ad Review survey compiled by Tony Koenderman. The Award recognises “an individual on the client side who has made a significant contribution during the past year to marketing, either within his/her own company or organisation, or in the industry as a whole.” Koenderman commented, “Hedderwick has built a multi-branded portfolio, considered a rare achievement, because, in the words of the sceptics, you can’t be all things to all people.” Hedderwick says, “I am humbled by this Award, and privileged to lead a team of people who are truly marketing specialists and who have all contributed to the high profile, best-in-class status which our brands enjoy in our industry.” Ad Review’s 2013 Marketer of the Year winner was Alan Knott-Craig. Marketer of the Year, 2014