Famous Brands Awarded top three position for second consecutive year in esteemed Financial Mail Top Companies Competition

Famous Brands has been awarded 3rd position in the Financial Mail’s “Top Companies” competition for 2013. This annual competition recognises South Africa’s best companies based on their consistent performance over time. The Financial Mail’s David Williams* says, “The Top 20 companies list . . . is an attempt to identify those companies that represent the best investment opportunities. To perform well in one year makes it even tougher the next year. The Top 20 companies, therefore, are those that have unquestionably done well, but also have the potential (in the view of the Financial Mail’s analysts) to deliver yet again even if they look expensive.” The point of the list “is not that these companies are outstanding performers – they all are – but that they are expected to again do much better than their peers.” Famous Brands Chief Executive, Kevin Hedderwick says, “In 2012 the Group was awarded 1st place in the Financial Mail Top Companies awards, which was a remarkable achievement considering the corporate giants who comprise South Africa’s Top companies. The 3rd place accolade which we were awarded this week is even more outstanding in that very seldom, if ever, does any company feature in the Top Twenty for two consecutive years, never mind in the Top Three.” “This is a very proud moment for the Group and another milestone which will be recorded in Famous Brands’ history book. I am reminded again of the privilege bestowed on me to lead this amazing business which seldom ceases to astound and gratify. This award is a triumph for each and every member of Famous Brands, the Group’s franchisees, and its suppliers and business partners.” For further information:
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