Famous Brands is best known for its much-loved brands and reputation as a leading and responsible franchisor.

Our business model comprises four core pillars: Brands, Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail. Under the Brands’ pillar, Famous Brands operate franchised, master licence and Company-owned restaurants.

Famous Brands is the franchisor whose franchise partners rely on our brands and intellectual property to sell menu items to consumers. Famous Brands earns sales-based royalties income (franchise fees revenue) based on a percentage of these restaurant turnovers. Therefore, based on our business model, our customer is the franchise partner.

Our portfolio of strong brands offers a compelling business proposition to our franchise partners and quality menus to a wide spectrum of consumers. The portfolio is segmented into Leading (mainstream) Brands and Signature (niche) Brands. Leading Brands are further categorised as Quick Service and Casual Dining.

A vertically integrated business supports our Brands in South Africa and selected African countries. Our Supply Chain refers to our Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail operations. Our Supply Chain offers high-quality ingredients and products to our franchise partners and retailers at a competitive price. The Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail businesses are managed and measured independently.

Our Supply Chain gives our franchise partners a competitive advantage through efficient supply, price certainty, product innovation and margin management.

Our brands

Our geographic footprint

Our proud history

We were founded in the 1960s by entrepreneurs passionate about creating memorable consumer experiences.

The Famous Brands story originated in the 1960s when George Halamandres started a family business with the opening of the first Steers restaurant. Since then, the Group has become Africa’s largest restaurant franchisor. Its portfolio of 17 restaurant brands and network of 2 887 restaurants are found on three continents.

Our milestones over the years