Monitored and implemented by our Social and Ethics Committee and Working Group, we strive to adopt best practice by operating in a manner which is consistent with the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact. Our goal is to ensure our operations are responsible, ethical and accountable.

We regard transformation as a social, moral and strategic business imperative. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to making a meaningful contribution to developing a more equal and inclusive society through socio-economic transformation in our business and the communities in which we operate.

In our SA operations, our business transformation strategy is closely aligned to the objectives of the Department of Trade and Industry’s BBBEE Codes of Good Practice (CoGP), and we employ an integrated approach to accelerate transformation across the CoGP’s five criteria in accordance with the Tourism Sector Codes.

Our executive leadership team members under the guidance of the Group Transformation Manager are responsible for implementing our BBBEE transformation strategy in their respective functional areas. As a consequence of sustained management focus and implementation of a range of meaningful transformative interventions in the business over recent years, the Group improved its BBBEE status from non-compliant in 2017 and 2018 to compliant, at level 7, in 2019; we furthered that progress in the year under review, attaining a level 4 status.

The consistent progress achieved in improving our BBBEE score is depicted below.