Steers Retail contains a wide range of products, namely:

  • 13 Sauces
  • 4 Salad Dressings
  • 4 Marinades
  • Seasoning salt
  • Burger patties

Each of the above products have been tried and tested in our Steers outlets before we take them to retail stores for customer convenience and enjoyment. This range of popular products is a quality and value for money offering which has gained a large following.

Wimpy retail is composed of their two sauce products:

  • Wimpy Tomato Sauce
  • Wimpy Mustard Sauce

These all-time favourite sauces that are available on the table at your Wimpy store, are also available at retail stores countrywide. Wimpy and Steers combined sell in excess of 6 million bottles per annum through retail stores, making this an effective brand building exercise for both brands.

Mugg & Bean's famous coffee is now available for purchase.
You can now enjoy your favourite Mugg & Bean coffee in the comfort of your home. Sip on a delicious range of Mugg & Bean beverages available in:

  • House Blend
  • Mocca Java
  • Espresso
  • Single Origin Range
  • Decaf

Our Mugg & Bean retail coffee can be purchased at Mugg & Bean restaurants as well as selected retail stores.

  • Filter Coffee - Espresso, House Blend, Mocha Java, Single Origin Range & Decaf
  • Latte. Milkshake Lattes - Cappuccino, Coffee, Vanilla Coffee & Chococcino
  • Hot Chocolate

This quality range of ice-cream is available in two flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

Available in Dairy, Full Cream and Catering ice-cream this delectable offering tops off every meal. We make both hard ice-cream and soft serve varieties and pack in both 2L and 5L packs. The range is predominately sold to our own franchisees, re-distributors and the catering market.

Our premium quality fruit juices are offered in:

  • 5L Catering bags
  • 250ml glass bottles
  • 500ml plastic bottles

These fruit juices are sold to all our franchised outlets as well as the food services catering market. Added to this, we are the primary juice offering at the specific cinema outlets.

The Aqua Monte range is available in two variants:

  • Still
  • Sparkling

This carefully selected bottled, spring water is sold to our franchised outlets, certain re-distributors and specific cinema outlets.