Operating segments: Famous Brands Group

The three main pillars of our business are our Brands, Logistics and Manufacturing operations, which are supported by a range of corporate services.


Our portfolio of best-in-class brands is designed to offer a compelling business proposition to our franchise partners and a quality solution to our wide range of consumers.

The portfolio comprises our Leading (mainstream) brands and our Signature (niche) brands, which may be either franchised or company-owned.

Our central Marketing division ensures that our brands are optimally positioned in the marketplace and remain relevant and contemporary. Our brands are supported by a wide range of through- and below-the-line marketing initiatives.

We operate Centres of Excellence at six of our nine distribution centres which provide training to our employees and franchise partners.

Certain of our Leading brands also compete in the retail, wholesale and food services space.


This division provides our route-to-market, delivering to our franchise network a comprehensive basket of products required to cater for brand-specific menus.

Our Logistics operation in South Africa is supported by nine distribution centres (DCs) nationwide which enable us to get closer to our customers (franchise partners) by aligning our Brands and Logistics businesses.


This division is a key component of the Group’s backward integration model. It manufactures a range of licensed products for consumption by both the franchise network and selected food service and retail customers.

The operation comprises both wholly owned and joint venture businesses. We operate 15 manufacturing facilities.

Our Brands and supply chain operations are supported by a range of corporate services which include:
Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Procurement and Design