Our overriding goal to grow our business in a sustainable manner, creating value for all our stakeholders, requires us to make strategic decisions to enhance and preserve all our capitals.

This report seeks to explain how the execution of our strategy created value over the past year. It illustrates how our key strategic objectives address our primary risks and how we measure our performance against achieving our strategies.

Our approach to our key strategic business matters is outlined below.

Asset 1 Monitor Report Respond Prioritise Identify Relevant information is identiļ¬ed from Board and Exco meetings, engagement with key management and stakeholders, industry developments and regulations, economic research and pertinent media reports. Strategic material matters are prioritised based on our risk appetite and tolerance framework. We evaluate the potential impact and implement strategies to either mitigate against negative outcomes or pursue opportunities. We provide updates at our regular Board and sub-committee meetings, in shareholder reports, in formal communication with employees and through interactions with regulatory/ industry authorities. We continuously monitor and evaluate against KPIs, competitor activities and in consultation with stakeholders.