Our stakeholders are those individuals or organisations that have an impact on, or are affected by, our operations.

We believe that good relationships with our stakeholders underpin our ability to create value for them in the short, medium and long term. In line with the inclusive approach recommended by King IV, we strive to engage constructively with our stakeholders to understand their interests and concerns, and address these where possible.

Identifying our priority stakeholders

We have used the following criteria to prioritise the relative importance of the wide range of individuals and organisations that have a stake in our Company:

  • Our dependence on the stakeholders’ support to achieve our strategic goals;
  • the stakeholder’s influence on our organisational performance;
  • the significance of the issues linking the stakeholders to the Group; and
  • the risks we face should we not engage constructively with stakeholders.

Evaluating the quality of relationships with our stakeholders

This evaluation is based on our internal assessment of our relationships.

No existing relationship
Relationship exists but requires substantial effort to improve
Relationship established, generates value, but can be improved
Mutually beneficial, good relationship, some opportunity for improvement
Strong, mutually beneficial relationship

Nature of engagement

Our engagement strategies are based on the degree to which our stakeholders impact on us, our impact on them and the degree to which we interact with them:

Work closely

Measuring the impact of our stakeholders

  1. Shareholders, market analysts and prospective investors
  2. Funding institutions
  3. Franchise partners
  4. Customers and prospective customers
  5. Civil society and communities
  6. Suppliers and business partners
  7. Employees
  8. Trade unions
  9. Government and regulators

Stakeholder relationship impact assessment

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