Strategic Alliance

The Group Strategic Alliance Function fulfills two primary roles for the group; The first being the development of new business in the networks of the groups Strategic Alliance partners.

The second role is the growth, development and management of the relationship between Famous Brands and its alliance partners.

Determining the franchise

Should the region have earmarked/chosen/identified a suitable existing Franchisee, then New Business will be advised and the process of acceptance of the Franchisee will begin. This will entail receiving an application form, proof of finance, legal requirements, lease and a business plan from the Franchisee.

Should the region determine that a number of Franchisees be considered for the site, a closed tender will be issued to each of the nominated Franchisees. The tender is jointly evaluated by the region and New Business and the successful tender is awarded the site.

If no existing Franchisee is nominated or available, then the New Business Division seeks a new Franchisee from the New Business database of interested parties.

Rentals Leasing

A four-stage site assessment pack is used to determine the viability of the site opportunity on offer. The first stage assessment is conducted by the Internal New Business Manager, who data-mines the information received from the developer and the information available on the GIS Mapping System. Further information is obtained from the Famous Brands internal databases.

This occurs prior to the Regional New Business Manager conducting a physical site inspection or prior to engaging any commercial terms with the developers.

Once this investigation has been completed and it has been determined that further (external) assessment is required, the investigation pack is handed to a Regional New Business Manager for physical site inspection and assessment and preliminary discussions with the developer.

Once the site assessment document has been completed, the right brand determined for the site and the site is believed to be viable, the Pack is presented to the Managing Executive/General Manager for approval.