Europa Famous Brands

Arm-in-arm, you stroll to your local restaurant where some of your happiest memories are created over delicious meals shared with the people you love. You arrive at the entrance and you know it’s going to be a great lunch when you see the breakfast patrons still lingering over just one more coffee. You wave at friends while your friendly waiter greets you with a heartfelt ‘Welcome!’ and a basket of rustic focaccia that smells like heaven.

In no time, your starter platter to share arrives, bursting with the flavours of the Mediterranean. With a little bit of everything, you could be in Tuscany, Provence, Barcelona or Corfu. It’s a feast for the senses: the citrusy freshness of brilliant yellow lemons, the slick purple skins of plump olives and the unmistakable fresh green aroma of basil. You take in the contemporary setting, which brings to mind an Italian trattoria fused with a modern eatery, and watch as the skilled chef lifts the piping hot pizzas from the pizza ovens.

Your meal arrives: grilled lamb chops basted with garlic, rosemary and olive oil, together with perfectly crispy chips and a fresh salad bursting with colourful goodness. Your friends reach for slices of their pizza, letting out happy and satisfied ‘Mmmmmm’s while trying to quickly get all the stringy mozzarella into their mouths. You raise your glass to cheers the table, celebrating your love of life and all its wonderful moments.

Europa is a contemporary Italian-style restaurant where passion is alive
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