This division represents a key part of the group’s backward integration model, tasked to the manufacture of a range of licensed products and brands for use both by the franchise network as well as the greater food services and hospitality industry.
Sauce & Spice Plant
This HACCP accredited plant produces over 60 product lines, from the famed Steers barbeque sauce, Wimpy tomato sauce and Debonairs Pizza bases to sugar and seasoning salt sachets, and a whole range of products that are sold through retail and the franchised network. Production volumes through this plant are growing at a faster rate than any other.
Meat Processing Plant
Plants in Gauteng and Cape Town process patties; ground beef; chicken cubes and fillets according to unique formulations as set down by brands. Only the very best raw materials are procured from around the globe. State of the art equipment, manufacturing processes and innovation are critical success factors in these plants.
Famous Brands Bakery Gauteng
Manufacturing rolls and subs for our brands, this HACCP accredited facility in Gauteng measures up against the most modern and sophisticated bakery plants. A smaller bakery in Cape Town supplies the Western Cape.
Famous Brands Ice-Cream Plant
Our ice-cream plant in Sunderland Ridge manufactures predominantly soft serve according to unique formulations for our brands. In summer, peak season, this plant operates around the clock to satisfy demand. Hard ice-cream is also produced for the catering trade. In addition to this battleship plant in Gauteng there is also a smaller soft serve mix plant in KZN.
Famous Brands Juice Plant
Trufruit juice is produced in our factory based in Baynesfield, KwaZulu Natal. We produce juice to the highest standard utilizing a unique pasteurisation process and this juice is sold through our own franchise outlets in various packaging. In addition we manufacture and supply "fresh" juice to certain markets.
Famous Brands Coffee Company
Famous Brands acquired a 60% stake in Java Lava Beverage Manufacturers Proprietary Limited, a privately owned state of the art coffee roasting and packaging business. We supply coffee and related hot beverage products to the Group's franchised network and facilitate taking certain of our franchised brand products to the retail market.
Famous Brands Fine Cheese Company
In October 2012, we established a ground-breaking joint venture partnership with the Coega Dairy Company, an existing dairy manufacturing business in Port Elizabeth owned by local farmers, factory and farm employees, regarding the supply of cheese products to our brands. The new joint venture entity, Coega Cheese Proprietary Limited is 51% controlled by Famous Brands. This facility is located within a new Industrial development zone which boasts excellent security, easy highway access and uninterrupted electricity supply.
Famous Brands Choice Meat Company
In May 2013 Famous Brands acquired a 51% stake in the trademarks and existing franchise agreements in the very successful Turn 'n Tender franchise, and a choice-cuts butchery all situated in the greater Johannesburg area. Converting Turn 'n Tender's existing centralized choice-cuts butchery facility into one which can supply brand-specific choice-cut meat products to the wider Famous Brands franchised network with minimal capital expenditure.
Famous Brands Great Bakery Company
In April 2013 Famous Brands acquired a 51% stake in the much loved and multi-awarded bakery and delicatessen brand, The Bread Basket. This aligns with our deliberate strategy to build manufacturing capability at the back end of our business - in this case to supply specialised breads, baked & frozen goods, pastries and confectionery to our existing brand portfolio and franchised network.
Cater Chain
In April 2015, Famous Brands acquired a 75% controlling stake in Cater Chain, a distributor of primarily red meat products across South Africa and into Africa to the food services industry. It trades from a modern 15,900m2 production facility in Johannesburg that comprises latest technology processing equipment and significant freezer and chiller capacity. The plant consists of separate Halaal and non-Halaal facilities and boasts a production capacity of 900 tons per month, with beef, lamb, mutton, chicken, bacon and ham making up its core business.
Lambert’s Bay Foods
In May 2016 Famous Brands acquired Lamberts Bay Foods. The company processes French fries and other value-added potato products for wholesalers, retailers and restaurant chains at its factory in Lambert’s Bay in the Western Cape. Lamberts Bay Foods is one of only three French fries manufacturers in South Africa and has been a supplier to Famous Brands for 20 years. On several occasions it has been recognised as a Supplier of the Year in the Group’s annual Supplier Awards competition.
Coega Concentrate
In July 2016 Famous Brands acquired the state-of-the-art tomato paste manufacturing plant, Cape Concentrate, situated in the Coega precinct in the Eastern Cape. This aquisation was done in line with the Group’s strategy to build its Supply Chain capability and capacity. Famous Brands plans to expand its distribution network of the product beyond its own internal customer base, capitalising on the shortage of tomato paste which currently exists in the South African market.

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